Xzibit – Front 2 Back

Xzibit - Front 2 Back

Production: Rockwilder

Label: LOUD Records From the underground to a westcoast icon, I’ve enjoyed XtotheZ’s rhyming. “Front 2 Back” is off of his latest LP, Restless, one I was excited to hear at first, but was slightly disappointed in the end. Some tracks were bangers, and some were just weak. “Front 2 Back” is somewhere in the middle, more toward the banger side. The Rockwilder beat on this track sounds like he’s rhyming in a factory, but it’s pretty dope nonetheless. The chorus is cliched, basically taken from a Too $hort line: “actin’ like ya never seen a dick before”. The verses aren’t bad at all. Overall, a nice track, but nothing really special grabs me like his other tracks, “Shroomz” and “Don’t Approach Me”. [Jeff]

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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