Masta Ace – Ghetto Like b/w The Outcome

Masta Ace  - Ghetto Like b/w The Outcome

Masta Ace – “Ghetto Like” b/w “The Outcome” Haha… That’s funny. Over a Saukrates beat that wouldn’t have me open if it came equipped with pliers, Ace KILLS it, basically defining the term ‘ghetto’ with everything besides its standard English definition. But come on. It’s fucking hilarious. The last verse is for the ladies, so he goes with, “I’m ghetto like a blond wig and Lee press-ons/ At Rucker Park, with high heels and a new dress on/ I’m ghetto like them chicks that hate Kobe’s white fiance/ And wanna try to fight her, Brandy and Beyonce.” DAMN. The b-side has a nice Domingo beat, but the concept and lyrics make it NOT GOOD at all.”Ghetto Like” is a track that will get repeated, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard about people scratching the other side a lot. With their housekeys. [HeadLine]

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