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New hot & upcoming rap artist Boss TJ releases his new hit single “Mobbin”.

Chicago Illinois — Friday, September 20th, 2019 — “Mobbin” is one of Boss TJ’s best single to date. He manages to please with his collaborative hits & hooks all while maintaining artistic integrity with his more introspective tracks. TJ is a gifted songwriter and vocalist, not just someone who’s singlehandedly dominating the sound of modern rap. But that’s the beauty of TJ as a complete artist; he puts out a surplus of varying sounds and vibes that merge all rap styles together seamlessly. TJ doesn’t waste any runtime and gets to the hits right away.

In his own words “I’m the coldest and hottest,” says Boss TJ, “I make real, authentic music that my fans can relate to .” Boss TJ (whose real name is Thomas Williams) 26-year-old Chicago native is an independent artist who spent majority of his life in Chicago. His signature sound is what captivated most supporters. He is making his way up to the top with his latest singles “Mobbin” and “What You Thought”.

Boss TJ has finally released his highly anticipated ‘Mobbin’ music video, It has been exclusively premiered on Youtube. TJ is a talented Rap Artist and CEO his independent record label MTM The Team (Married To Money) Records Which he founded in 2012. He released his first EP titled “The Take Over” in 2018. The hot new artist has over 50 thousand streams on Spotify “Mobbin” and other music is available for streaming on all major music platforms.

TJ has been writing music since 2017, he is making his way to the top with his latest singles. Tracks like “Mobbin”, ”Go In” and “What You Thought” is a mixed bag of hits which has entitled the announcement of Boss TJ to the whole  Hip Hop mainstream.

You can find all of Boss TJ’s music on all major streaming platforms.


Boss TJ

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Hottest artist from FL- Sizzle

Jacksonville, FL — Friday, September 20th, 2019 — Sizzle is here to revivify Hip Hop. Sizzle has paved a lane of his own in this music era, staying true to real music with message and connection within. His ability to harmonize and rap flawlessly within one track is remarkable. Sizzle lives by the motto of God First above all and Selflessness second.

Sizzle’s music is available on all major platforms. His number 1 streaming service is Spotify.

To touch one and teach one is the greatest gift we can offer one in life. His fans will always remain the flames that keep him lit.

Sizzle has released a new EP, named Timeless that reached more than 9,000 streams within the first few weeks. He released a number of singles including Outta Control, that was released earlier part of 2019 that has reached 30,000 streams, God Showed Out, and 2 B Loved, which was made in the sense of relating to the current view of relationships.

Sizzle has no limits when it comes to his creativity. He has something to offer in just about every area of creativity. From songwriting for not only himself but he is able to write for others effortlessly. He can write an entire song within hours. He also has started a collection of scripts he has written. From cartoons to movies, Sizzle has an impeccable creative ability to capture an idea and deliver it.

It only takes one stroke of a flame to light a forest on fire. Support the flames that Sizzle spits. Download, stream, like and share real music.



Steve Hardeman, better known as his stage name Sizzle, is a Florida-based rapper-singer-songwriter that has an extraordinary way of blending his lyrical flow with harmonies that hit the core of his listener’s emotions. He was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. Since the early age of 9, Sizzle had a passion for music running through his veins and the way it was pieced together. Sizzle’s avid lyrics and expressive harmonies expose a truly relatable artist who has the power to provoke a profound response. His name arose due his lyrical talented being considered “hot” or “fire”, which is a term for extremely good, from that he birthed Sizzle.


2131 Danese St

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FunNesse G.A.M.E is a hip/hop & R&B songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. He started writing rhymes and making beats at the age of 13 years old after his mother was diagnosed with Lupus. Although music was his first love, the street life halted him from seeing the type of notary that a person with his type of skill and talent deserved. After a few stints in jail and several near death experiences, he decided to take his talent to the booth and officially make a career out of talent. With influences like Snoop Doug, Tupac, Jay Z, T.I, R.Kelly, Isley Bros, and Marvin Gaye. It’s no wonder why he sounds like a fusion between Trap Music and soulful music that will make any new listener, ask “Who is that?

Dallas, Tx — Friday, September 20th, 2019 — If you haven’t heard of FunNesse G.A.M.E, HOT Single “The Exit” Freestyle available everywhere that streaming takes place. Already Over 100k plays on SoundCloud since its July 13 release. The official video has just dropped with over 5,000 views in its first week. This guy is an underground Monster, Already slated for a September 20, release “The Exit” Ep will be something Hip Hop has not seen in quite a while.

FunNesse G.A.M.E is a hip/hop & R&B songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. He started writing rhymes and making beats at the age of 13 years old after his mother was diagnosed with Lupus. Although music was his first love, the street life halted him from seeing the type of notary that a person with his type of skill and talent deserved. After a few stints in jail and several near-death experiences, he decided to take his talent to the booth and officially make a career out of talent. With influences like Snoop Doug, Tupac, Jay Z, T.I, R.Kelly, Isley Bros, and Marvin Gaye. It’s no wonder why he sounds like a fusion between Trap Music and soulful music that will make any new listener, ask “Who is that?

Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face. —Carol Moseley-Braun,” Its

It’s been a while since Hip Hop, has had an Artist like FunNesse G.A.M.E  Style, Lyrics, Flow, and Originality. He is definitely a breath of fresh air. And one you should keep on your HipHop radar.

FunNesse G.A.M.E is gearing up for his first full-length project, entitled “The Exit” slated to drop late September. The first single “The Exit” (Freestyle) accompanied by the historic video, takes you down memory lane of Hip Hop. Expressing how much the Genre has changed since its origin in 1973.

To find out more about FunNesse G.A.M.E and what he has going on. Tours, Merch, New Music, and Videos, etc. find out more at


FunNesse G.A.M.E is a hip/hop & R&B songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. He started writing rhymes and making beats at the age of 13 years old after his mother was diagnosed with Lupus. Although music was his first love, the street life halted him from seeing the type of notary that a person with his type of skill and talent deserved. After a few stints in jail and several near-death experiences, he decided to take his talent to the booth and officially make a career out of talent. With influences like Snoop Doug, Tupac, Jay Z, T.I, R.Kelly, Isley Bros, and Marvin Gaye. It’s no wonder why he sounds like a fusion between Trap Music and soulful music that will make any new listener, ask “Who is that?



FunNesse G.A.M.E
232 Yale blvd

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“The Amal Music” Rising Hip-Hop Duo Including Slim Dadda Q (Recording Artist/Songwriter) and Smart-Man (Audio Engineer/Producer)

Gotham City — Saturday, September 14th, 2019“Inebriated Thoughts” By Slim Dadda Q is a heart-felt and resonating record that puts a microscope on the stress and crisis of many people in society, especially urban environments. The record was produced was by “Thundaa Beats” and recorded and mixed by his engineer/producer Smart-Man (1/2 of “The Amal”). Dadda Man delivers immaculate verses coupled with a sympathizing hook to bring awareness to how people cope with these issues. “It’s Kind Of Hard Being Sober When You Stressing Over Bills, Wondering Will You Eat, When’s The Next Meal”… – Slim Dadda Q

“Inebriated Thoughts” by Slim Dadda Q will be appreciated by people that can resonate with the atrocities and tragedies that occur on a daily basis. Regardless if you don’t have to deal with a certain crisis in society, you still can visualize the oppression and stress. “Inebriated Thoughts” is available on all streaming platforms. This song is bound to change the mindsets of many when pushed to the world.

“They don’t sound like us, nor do we don’t sound like them”The Amal”

“We here to bring it back to the Mecca Of Hip-Hop” – “The Amal”

“Inebriated Thoughts” By Slim Dadda Q is a single from the EP “The Journey Within”. “The Journey Within” EP is also available on all streaming platforms. 

“Inebriated Thoughts” By Slim Dadda Q brings awareness and enlightenment to the many heart-breaks and stressful situations that many go through. This song will uplift and represent those who don’t have a voice. Shout-Out To Thundaa Beats for the production and Dadda Man’s brother/engineer Smart-Man.

“The Amal” brings an organic approach to music that helps uplift and inspires the youth.



Mashallah to all, my name is Slim Dadda Q (Artist/Songwriter) representing 1/2 of “The Amal” Music Group. I work alongside my Engineer/Producer Smart-Man, and we are a rising Hip-Hop Duo From New York City. We make hip-hop music to elevate the minds of the people, including the youth.

Official Website:




Slim Dadda Q
Qucy Stewart

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Welcome To The World Of Endless Possibilties

Detroit, Michigan Thursday, September 5th, 2019 — This press release focuses on the release of the debut EP, “Endless Possibilities”, from AKAMRALLIN.  The great thing about this EP is that is being independently released by AKAMRALLIN.  NO sponsorship, no investors, no parent label.  A true story of David among a world of Goliaths.  A story from rags to riches, ashy to classy.

Everyone desires to be among the elite audience of new talent before they were a household name.  Here’s your chance.  To be able to among those who KNOW, while the world is trying to find out.  “Endless Possibilities”, by AKAMRALLIN, available on all major platforms, including Spotify, I-Tunes, Apple Music, GooglePlayMusic and Amazon Music.  GO FOLLOW ME on INSTAGRAM@AKAMRALLIN and click on the link in the bio.

My campaign is titled “ONE FAN AT A TIME”, where world-class talent meets the world of music.  In the wrong full of wrongs, a man learned to write in hopes that it could make everything all-right.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

“Endless Possibilities” has a little something for everyone.  The lead single, “C.R.E.A.M.”, is an ode to the almighty dollar bill.  Also featuring club banger, “BE ABOUT IT”, and the street anthem, “BUFFED UP”.  “BACK UP” adds a personal touch of struggle backed an explosive melodramatic beat and powerful lyrics and metaphor.

The debut EP from AKAMRALLIN, “Endless Possibilities” shows a journey where class talent meets the world of music.  AKAMRALLIN is the epitome of a hustler, giving the world a point of view perspective of a small-time hustler with big talent and bigger dreams.  Visualize and live vicariously through his ambition and struggle, where a person learns that 100 pennies make a dollar and the dollar is all that matters.  Remember ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, ENJOY!

Featured on DJ YOUNG CEE latest mixtape, INDY vs. THE INDUSTRY RELOADED VOL.2 on SPINRILLA, on I-Tunes RADIO, Indie Music Radio,  ShoutCast Radio, Tune-In Radio, DJ CISCO and with @FIYACHICK on AIRITOUTRADIO, on JANGO Radio; Music links on Instagram@AKAMRALLIN or


“Endless Possibilities” is a journey where world-class talent meets the world of music.  Paying respects to every uncompromising artist/musician, who learned the ability to market and sell themselves, eliminating the restrictive middleman.  “Endless Possibilities” is the carefully crafted and precise combination of hardcore rap mixed with the intellect of entertainment, cover all bases to please every hip-hop/pop demographic.  There is the club banger, “Be About It”, the lead single with mass appeal, C.R.E.A.M.,  the street anthem “Buffed Up”, and backpacker/conscious touch of “The Greatest” and introspective “Back Up”




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J Tru Soldier4Christ Releases Epic new album titled One 29 Twelve, which is the date his life was radically transformed. Listen to the hope from the perspective of a individual living a hopeless life

Denver, Colorado — Friday, August 23rd, 2019 — One 29 Twelve is not only an Album but a testimony of a young man living a life of hopelessness, with the intent to inquire street credibility as a way of survival. To become a young man of faith, and now living a life for others to follow.

Jose Trujillo artist name J Tru Soldier4Christ has worked closely with another artist on this album of mutual purpose, such names as R Swift, Bryann Trejo, Sean Be, and many others. In an attempt to reach a wider range of listeners that may have once walked in the very footsteps he walked. His full intention for the album isn’t to reach a position of stardom, but more in the intent of bringing the very ministry that was brought to him. To the ears of many others who may not be able to hear it physically but yet the opportunity to hear it digitally, with hopes to make a change and decision that could affect there lives in a positive way forever.  Sometimes in a world that’s dying one song can bring life.

J Tru Soldier4Christ isn’t asking for much but mainly support to help get the album into the right hands so not only himself but many others can be benefited through it.

With the correct backing, production and skill level that J Tru Soldier4Christ has it’s almost a guarantee that the world can be impacted in the right way.

Quote: “If you can’t reach them on the street, reach them on a beatJ Tru Soldier4Christ

One 29 Twelve is not just an album for the listener to listen to but more of the approach to change someone’s life through the lyrics that are presented from it.

If you don’t believe me take a listen for yourself.





J Tru Soldier4Christ real name is Jose Trujillo was born in Albuquerque NM where he got himself involved with the wrong crowd from the beginning and from then on continued to live his life based on gang violence, drugs, alcohol, Etc. At the age of 26 years, old Jose found himself at the lost point of his life and, had to make a change for the better. Therefore Jose moved out to Denver Colorado attended the ministry of Victory Outreach and surrendered his life to Christ. Since then Jose has been making music that glorifies Jesus in any way possible in an attempt to reach the world with the message of hope.
Throughout the course of his musical career, J Tru Soldier4Christ has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new singles, J Tru Soldier4Christ has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model due to his faith in Jesus Christ.


J Tru Soldier4Christ
J Tru Soldier4Christ

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I Need My Music, It’s Therapeutic

Cincinnati, OH Hamilton County — Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 — Latest single by Kool Ken titled “It’s Alright” is a soulful, conscious, inspirational and motivational hip hop song, speaking directly to those who may be enduring hardships. Co-produced by Kool Ken & Ja’Meze, this track has a nice bounce, infused with a cleverly disguised and catchy Luther Vandross sample.

Those who appreciate balance within their musical playlist will enjoy “It’s Alright” by Kool Ken. It’s definitely a track that can be listened to in any setting and enjoyed by many. The relevance of the lyrical content promotes perseverance. “It’s Alright” by Kool Ken is available now on iTunes, google play, Spotify and many other digital music platforms.

“You can’t do it all, sometimes you need help getting up when you fall” – Kool Ken

“A different obstacle every day, just keep pushing, it’s the only way” – Kool Ken

“Wow. Its Alright is definitely a winner Kool Ken!! Nothing like positive music during these times. Keep pushing brother…will share for sure!” – Kerry Jordan (YouTube)

“Love this Kool Ken! Glad you got some new music out! – yhave1ne (YouTube)

The new music video for “It’s Alright”, shot on location in Miami, FL & Cincinnati, OH by Dream Light Visuals & Zone 15 Produkkionz is due to be released soon!

For booking, please contact via email:

Kool Ken returns with another soulful, conscious, positive and motivational hip hop song titled “It’s Alright” that his fans have long anticipated.

Please visit and support conscious and positive hip hop! Listen to: “It’s Alright” by Kool Ken



KOOL KEN, an American music producer, MC, DJ, motivational/inspirational public speaker & coach, born September 17, in Lincoln Heights (Zone 15), Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Specializes in conscious, positive and true hip hop, giving inspiration and encouragement through his music and lyrics. An excellent writer whose lyrics exudes a certain spirituality and positivity. For more information, booking and a full biography, please visit:





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Booty Call the Album: the exploits of rushon and bunz

BOOTY CALL, THE ALBUM: The Exploits of Rushon & Bunz

Here lies a mixtape that was released by SUMO (Jacob Pnake & Malcolm) in 2017. The self produced project was an atmoshpere of its own in which the listener was thrust into an audibly pleasing arena. The only regret that came with dropping this mixtape was naivety. SUMO had no experience with marketing and promotion. a whole summer creating something that could possibly be critically acclaimed only to find years later that they did not go about it correctly. This time around however, SUMO understands that patience is a virtue and if you believe in something, you might end up pushing it for years. The first song titled Utangulizi (south african dialect for “introductory”) finds the SUMO boys ranting about why they hate summer. At first the subject matter seems a bit kiddish in a way because it deviates from conventional subject matter, but the way the production meshes perfectly with the vocals create a listening experience that resonates very well with the listeners.




Arkansas Urban Music Artist Big Rome is Back!

It is true that talents can be found anywhere, even under many grave circumstances. Big Rome is a living example of such a talent who has made his name in the music industry with his efficiency to create original and innovative musical melodies. His recently released EP ‘Urban Renegade’ is the best proof for the same.

The native of a small town in Southern Missouri, W.K.Jerome Higgs aka Big Rome had moved to Arkansas with his mother in 1985 in the hope of a better living. But with uneven circumstances, he got himself involved in street politics and landed himself in the Department Of Correction for three years. Though it was a state of humiliation for him and his family, destiny turned his misfortune into a great turning point in his life.

Apart from being a skillful musician Big Rome is also an active socialist. Living in the constraint walls of the Department Of Correction had made him realize his worth in the society and from then onwards he had taken efficient efforts to promote awareness among kids about the harmful effects of street politics and also its mere consequences.

He is a member of the Famous Poets Society where he won their annual poetry contest with his marvelous writing skills. He has also won the song of the year trophy at the prestigious International Music and Entertainment Association.

With his new EP, Big Rome has brought out the passion he bestows towards creating innovative music. Wrapped in four melodious harmonies along with a narrative intro Rome, this EP is sure to allure a lot of young music lovers.

The intro, in the beginning, is a simple narrative by Big Rome which actually summaries the basic theme for the whole EP. It is very well understood that the theme of this EP is greatly influenced by the occasional hiccups in his own life.

The first song ‘I Got Issues’ gives a curious start to the struggle against the societal norms of the fake attempts of trying to prove one’s goodness that Big Rome had tried to depict in this EP. The strong and inspiring lyrical section enhances this song’s quality which further matches with Rome’s vocal quality as he lips each song with immense intensity and enthusiasm.

As the songs play successively one after another Rome establishes his position strong and firm with the progressive music of this album. ‘Sick and Tired’ and ‘ Stone Love’ closes the EP in an engrossing soulful tune as Rome uses his intense baritone to leave a mark in the audience’s heart. The heartfelt lyrics and powerful background musical association surely take this EP a few high notches above one’s expectation. The sound quality is kept high and clear.

Big Rome has surely made his mark with his immense contribution in the field of progressive fusion music. This new EP from him is sure to touch many aggressive young hearts who would find the words pushing them to express what they had always tried to say. A brilliant by Rome for sure.

stream the full Urban Renegade EP on Spotify:

Hoes! Hoes!! Hoes!!! by Lord A From the Album What It Is

Hoes! Hoes!! Hoes!!! is the 2nd track on the debut album – What it is by the Nigerian Hip-hop artiste called Lord A released 23rd of October 2017 on popular music streaming .

The name of this track is quite impressionable and self explanatory, initially, one might assume it is tantrum throwing, however it takes a story-telling philosophical approach similar to the songs from greats like Superman – Eminem, Housewife – Dr Dre, Nate Dogg – Your Wife, just to mention a few. It has a catchy, easy-to-recite hook and quite interesting to listen to with its melodious beat.

Listen on here

Listen to other songs on the album here:



Google Music: