Breez Evahflowin – Gimmie Mine / The Realest

Breez Evahflowin - Gimmie Mine / The Realest

Breez Evahflowin’ – “Gimmie Mine” / “The Realest”

Breez’s latest 12″ comes with two songs; a decent one, and a good one. To some, this formula is better than that of “Refined”, where there’s a horrible track b/w a sick display of lyricism on the b-side. Neither sides backup any claims to say that Breez is an exceptionally dope emcee. “Gimmie Mine” is an average cut used to boast Breez’s ego. Unfortunately, the lyrics sink below mediocre; however the internal rhyme schemes and ill production by Sean One might keep you from flipping the record over. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll enter the flipside, which bears “The Realest”. In this track, Evahflowin’ attempts to prove his longevity in the game, while giving advice through his personal feelings, and succeeds, to say the least. It appears that Breez is going a bit old school and basically having fun until you hear serious, yet lyrically pathetic, lines like, “I mean, them deals is cut/ but I ain’t trying to feel like no prostitute.” and “As sure as you need to spend on gems/ they cause Africans to lose they limbs.” The last quotable isn’t lyrically good, and neither is the first, but it says something important. Many aren’t aware of the situation in Africa as far as diamonds go. The US gets most of their diamonds from the continent of Africa, in which slaves search for them all day. Some try to hide diamonds in order to cash in on a better living, but get caught and tortured and/or killed. Had Breez put more energy into the a-side like he did on the b-side, we would have heard an ill track to begin with, plus a dope semi-concept cut on the flipside.

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