Pack FM – Freestyle Marathon / Backpack / Relay Remix

Pack FM - Freestyle Marathon / Backpack / Relay Remix

“Freestyle Marathon” / “Backpack” / “Relay Remix” You may or may not like Pack FM’s voice, but you’ll love his punchlines. Now, Pack returns with some more wordplay madness with his latest Bronx Science release. Take the A-side, “Freestyle Marathon,” for example, which has a load of quotable lines: “Somebody pass me a chair, cuz you so wack that I can’t stand you” and “I rock so much Ecko, I gotta get dressed twice.” You won’t find a good chorus, but you’ll enjoy the Celph Titled production. Pack steps it up on creativity with “Backpack,” in which he goes through explaining everything that’s in his backpack, all in rhyme over another Celph Titled track. From CD’s and magazines, to late movie rentals. It’s a good joint, but a little too short. “Relay Remix,” produced by Pack FM, is a decent track featuring Wordsworth and the Demigodz’s own Rise. Good rhymes all around, but Wordsworth doesn’t come too consistent as a whole. “Freestyle Marathon” probably reigns as the best track on the album, but even that isn’t spectacular.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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