SMP featuring Juice – Dumb Hot / It’s All About Me Now

SMP feat. Juice- “Dumb Hot” / “It’s All About Me Now”

These days, guest appearances are often wasted, leaving the listener more than disappointed. Single Minded Pros seem to have avoided that fate, by enlisting just one man for an entire 12″. On “Dumb Hot”, Rude-1 hooked Juice up with a mood-switching beat, while the underrated MC shows off his impressive rhyme scheme. There’s nothing fancy about this song, but it’s just well-executed Hip Hop that is often overlooked. With the flip side, “It’s All About Me Now”, Juice lets us know how he feels about his status in Hip Hop. “With the ability, way beyond most of his peers / but never to get the recognition for it for years.” While the “Wack MC” hating may be considered played in the eyes of most, it’s hard to argue with Juice. There are no real flaws here. Beats are worthy of head-nodding, along with grade A lyricism. It seemed as though the art of scratching hooks was lost a few years ago, but it’s definitely back, and utilized on both tracks. Definitely check this single out, and ignore the fact that most people probably haven’t heard of SMP yet.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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