Thirstin Howl III – Dreams Of Fuckin’ A Cartoon Bitch / Mr. Mojon (Mr. Shit)

Thirstin Howl III – “Dreams Of Fuckin’ A Cartoon Bitch” / “Mr. Mojon (Mr. Shit)”

The Skillosopher himself is back with a vinyl, and soon, a full length LP from Skillionaire Enterprises. Thirstin Howl III comes half dope, half wack with his new piece of wax. On the a-side, expect “Dreams Of Fuckin’ A Cartoon Bitch” to make you laugh with his classic humor as he spits on our childrens’ favorite animated pals. He cashes in mad quotables on Wonder Woman, Tweetie Bird, Barbie, Power Puff Girls, Raggedy Ann, and others. The most notable lines are: “Little Mermaid, her bra made os shells/ I know her pussy good, but I’m not trusting the smell.: and “Betty Boop is a racist, she ain’t actin’ right/ only fucks characters that’s black and white.” Soon, the comedy ends and we enter yet another Spanglish song. Yeah, the same ones that plague all of his albums and make them not good. “Mr. Mojon” is a complete throw-together track, beginning with Thirston Howl on the toilet, and filled with random words in Spanish and meaningless phrases in English all the way through. After translation, Thirstin spits, “In any public pool, I show my penis.” That squeezed an immature laugh out of me, but the entire song will have you thinking, “Where the hell is Thirstin and what have you done with him?” To top it off, Thirstin tries to flex his production skills and winds up manufacturing a rather lame beat. The a-side is a great surprise to those who thought Thirstin was done after hearing the lack of wordplay in “Who Bust The Shots?” You enter this single on a good note, and you make sure you put the wax away as fast as possible after hearing the b-side.

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