Rise – Do You Know Him? b/w Cheater & Memories

Rise – “Do You Know Him?” b/w “Cheater” & “Memories” Rise is sick. We all know it. Ever since he “made rappers shit enough bricks to build a small house” on the 24HourMC Allstar Freestyle with Wordsworth, Tonedeff, Substantial, PackFM, and A.L., Rise has been a standout in the minds of the lucky ones who know who he is. His new 12″, “Do You Know Him b/w Cheater and Memories” f/ Wordsworth and Madafi is insane. The a-side will have you nodding your head to a tight beat provided by DJ Spinna, with Rise spitting rhymes like “My name goes so much in the streets/ that I’m told ‘Rise is nice’ by cats that don’t know that it’s me.” But Rise isn’t just a punchliner. In “Cheater,” he tells the story of a messed up relationship between him and his girl, with both of them cheating on each other. Displaying skills like crazy on this cut, his humorous approach to it makes it a fun track to listen to. Then comes “Memories,” which is the tightest track on this stellar 12″. Over a sick beat by DJ Static, Words steals the spotlight, but Rise still manages to hold his own. Words goes off about his youth, saying shit like “Scared of the boogieman, I slept with my mom in the bed/ I took the rubberbands from GI Joes and switched the arms and the legs.” Having Words on a song with you, there’s always a risk of coming off wack, but Rise succeeds in still sounding nice. Every track on here is worthy of a spot on almost any mixtape I’ve heard, but nothing here is truly groundbreaking. This WILL get spins if you cop it, and more importantly, it will have you fiending for the material he’s putting out on Bronx Science in a couple of months. If you have turntables, get it…if you dont, find a sewing needle and an amplifier, and get it. [HeadLine]

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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