white noise reviewWhite Noise’s “Gravity” is chalked full of fine tuned hip hop. “Paint My Picture In Blood” is a graphic mental picture, and a great track. It’s strong and doesn’t let up. The same can be said of “Bran New” as well. Only this one brings it at a different pace. It’s more sensual with the delivery while still being street. Things slow way down, understandably, with “Smoke On.” That sentiment plays on with the Cheech and Chong shout out in “We Gone Rally.” Then White Noise gets deep questioning almost everything with “Whats The Reason.” It’s a song that really makes you think, while “All They Count Iz Ones” rounds out the record on a high note. If you like hip hop that gets deep, but also keeps thing entertaining, then check out “Gravity” now by White Noise. (https://www.nimbitmusic.com/whitenoyz)

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