Cesar The Mann Takes His Time

Cesar The Mann ReviewCesar The Mann is a rapper who doesn’t speed through things. “On The Run” is a problem I wish I had – getting money and not looking back. The song on the other hand could’ve used some more energy. It could’ve been like the Zone Beats produced “No Wonder.” It starts out with a good pace but slows it down a bit. It seems like Cesar The Mann is always on the move. First he ran with that green and now he has “Runaway.” At this point I’ve come to realize that this emcee isn’t about getting super hype. He takes this laid back, cool approach to his rhymes. You can hear that in all of the above as well as the sensitive “Wondering” another one about heading out, “Go.” If you like your hip hop that’s more easygoing, check out Minneapolis’ Cesar The Mann before you start your day. (https://soundcloud.com/callmeceeez)

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