Da Hired Gunz Rep the West

da hired gunz reviewDa Hired Gunz is a west coast hip hop duo who turn it out. “She Wanna” is all about what a girl wants, and it is quite different than what Christina Augilera sang about back in the day. Right off the bat “Fuck The Game” comes at you like a shark attack with the f-bombs. It’s definitely not one that’s ready for the radio world. It’d lose its essence having to be edited down. You get this sense of empowerment with “R U Ready.” It sounds like something you’d hear on a EA sports game geared towards the NBA or something. One of the best from Da Hired Gunz has to be “Death Before Dishonor.” It was just basic hip hop that wasn’t the least bit overbearing. Then we round things out shaking it with “Shakin They Tail.” It’s one of those songs that dominates a club floor. If you’re into west coast hip hop that’s about doing it up, check out Da Hired Gunz today. (https://www.dahiredgunz.com/#!__home)

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