True Mula: With Success Come Envy

True_Mula_With_Success_Come_Envy-reviewTrue Mula’s “With Success Come Envy” is a great hip hop mixtape that gets it right from point A to point B. “Stay Fly” comes across fresh and really has a good flow throughout. It can’t touch the start of “Find Away” though. That one captures your attention from the start with that chipmunk hook. That is the one to attach yourself to first when listening to this record; for sure. You can also be in tune with “There For You.” True Mula does a good job at making sure the feminine touch is audibly addicting. This is more of a slow jam and does a great job at keeping you interested from start to finish. I’ve never been to New York, but from what I do know about it, “New York” is a good representation of the Big Apple. It’s about chasing a dream there and is very energetic. That’s good for the city that never sleeps, right? True Mula is a true blue emcee that really engages listeners with great tactics, rhymes and beats. So if you want to get in touch with him before he blows up, check him and his mixtape “With Success Come Envy” out sooner than later. (

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