SBX2A ReviewSBX2A comes straight to you from the big PA. “Not Around Here” is a quick one. It’s hard to really grasp it and only those with a special skill set will be able to actually rap along to it. Things slow down as far as pace is concerned with “Reflections.” It is a great song even though it doesn’t come at you at Outkast speeds. “My Energy” is like the middle child between those last two. It comes a little faster but not like a cheetah but packs a healthy punch. It was short and sweet, but “Close UR Eyes” is more a slow jam from SBX2A. I thought “Honey Love” would be a tinder love song, but it was quick and hype. That same hype thing can be said of some that follow like “P’s Font” and “No Matter How Hard.” That one actually sounds like a pop crossover hit right there. All in all though if you’re a fan of well versed emcees, then you will dig what SBX2A has in store. So make sure to make time for SBX2A today. (

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