Chris Style’s Champion Ways

Chris Style ReviewChris Style is an emcee from Detroit who might make you remind you a bit of Luda mixed with some Eminem. “Silly” is indeed that. It samples Willy Wonka at the start and then quickly, very quickly goes into the rap and it’s so fast it’d make Sonic jealous. Then we slow it down with “Damn She Cold.” Everyone has been there with a girl and then found themselves on the end of a blizzard because that girl is hard as ice. With “Don’t Like Me” you get Chris Style coming at you honest and raw. He’s straightforward with his intentions. He does more or less the same with other joints like “Different Breed” and “Clean that Cold.” Then we get a little something different in “The One She Like.” The music here isn’t traditional hip hop and the beat comes across kind of Middle Eastern with a dash of the club – very interesting. Ending on a high note, Chris Style declares strongly that “The Champ Is Here” and this one is bound to be every confident person’s anthem. If you’re into hip hop that comes through like mid-00’s then you’ll definitely like Chris Style’s style, so check it. (

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