H2throwed is a hip hop emcee from Dallas, Texas who is doing bigger things than his home state. “Helicopter” sounds menacing and will send chills down spines. Double O hops on a couple tracks and does it up. “Back To The” has a killer hook and is a light track while “We Make Money” has more of backbone to it. Then with Emmanuel on “My Pain” they deliver a track that is chart worthy. It has that pop appeal that comes out in hip hop tracks usually done by Will.i.am – minus the robotic parts. It’s not a dance track, it’s more laid back. Then H2throwed asks, “Ain’t Yah Boi Fly” and after just one listen, the answer is, “Yes!” If you’re into hip hop that has that crossover appeal but still keeps it real, check out H2throwed ASAP. (https://soundcloud.com/h2throwed)

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