The Chicharones By Josh Martinez and Sleep

The Chicharones is an assortment of conceptual, mentally nutritious, soulfully nourishing, deeply penetrating music and nothing less. Josh Martinez and Sleep deliver incredible lyrics that easily get minds open with tightly sewn rhymes. The beats have more flavors than Baskin Robins and are twice as cool and refreshing. Eleven scoops of tantalizing musical flavors put together to overly satisfy. Between the nourishing beats, cuts and rhymes this is a healthy, hearty and delicious hip hop release that will easily and completely satisfy the appetites of hungry hip hop fans world wide. The best tracks featured on The Chicharones are Bring Out The Clowns, Opposite of Fair, and Blessing in Disguise. All of the tracks are hard hitting, but these few are distinguished beyond the rest. Bring on the Summer featuring Bishop I, Kunga 219, Awol One and Skratch Bastid is a sure shot fan favorite and notable posse cut. DJ Wicked provided the refreshing cuts on the tracks, Josh Martinez and Sleep came with the dynamite rhymes and the breath grasping beats were provided by Peegee 13, Smoke, Pale Soul and Zebulon Dak. Excellent contributions that positively added to the overall prominence of this fine hip hop release by Camobear Records.

The album artwork and packaging right down to the nutrition facts add to the overall creative essence. This is one hip hop release that nourishes the mind, body and soul through creativity and entertainment. The overall production quality is top notch; this is a fine release in all aspects.

This release dates back to 2004, so if fans haven’t heard it, then they are more than overdue to take a listen. There are no disappointments, especially if you vibe Canadian hip hop music. This is recommended listening material and a keystone piece to any series hip hop fans collection.