Blow Hustle Goes Hard

Blow Hustle Goes HardLake Charles, LA. Ever heard of it? Well if Blow Hustle has anything to do with it, you will. He is set on making that place be known as the city a great MC sprang from. A sample from the great era that was the 90’s, family affairs and great beats – that about sums up what this guy is all about. With help from a few talented friends, Blow Hustle comes to play ball and he comes to play hard. This is apparent and his whole demeanor can be summed up in his track “Go Hard.” Let’s just say that is the unofficial anthem of this entire review and his entire musical outlook on life. Going hard, Blow commands attention by sampling a great one from the 90’s in “Dis Lying World,” and does so even more when he gets personal in “My Brothers Keeper.” Things pick up and the focus turns more the his lifestyle with “I Am Money” and “Faded.” With help from Esincho, Bundy G and Mo Fede on “South Coast” and Mo again on “Another Day,” it is clear Blow likes to keep good company. If you are into hip hop that goes what? Goes hard, then check out Blow Hustle right now. (

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