Terminal Illness

Terminal Illness leaves all underground hip hop fans suffering in commas from over-exposure to head nods. Deejay Essence turns the tables on fans delivering nothing but purely fresh vibes that appease in many different aspects. Fresh cuts, beats, vocals, bells and whistles dazzle fans endlessly on this compilation of tight tracks recorded by Deejay Essence himself. Definitely full of some real raw material probably rare to most fans collection.

Leading off Terminal Illness is The Mist of the Darkness which really doesn’t heat fans up off the start, but instead eases them into some tranquil, laxidazical type vibe. The Intro in the number two spot also doesn’t send fans into a frenzy. Its with Noodles that fans get a real taste of this albums purely raw essence. A tight beat, and hard hitting lyrics lite fans ablaze. The album remains continuously explosive through-out.

The most appreciated joints blessing Terminal Illness are Bishop Freestyle, SoulHeir The ManChild, and Virtuoso which all deliver fans some incredible music they cannot afford to miss. All of the full length tracks on the album are well above average, definitely worth both ears. The least appreciated contribution to the album is Intro, which isn’t negative, it simply is shadowed by the incredible music featured on the album, as any intro should be.

Terminal Illness, with its unique, creative package allures most fans, surely irritating a few. On the track credits are listed Artists, with their record label, group, or copyright holders listed underneath. More than an album, Terminal Illness is a representation of Deejay Essence’s work, music, heart, and soul. Songs Deejay Essence recorded with passion, and skill for fans world wide to enjoy. This album is also unique in the sense it’s packed with rare music most fans lack in their collection. Freestyles bless this true underground representation of great hip hop music done right. The freestyles are top notch, and the beats are terminally ill. The packaging to the album is cardboard in plastic wrap, painted with some nice artwork, and lots of graph art. 15 songs of tight music, exceptional sound quality, & many well know, and respected artists representing to open fans wide.

Some critiques this album may receive is its uniqueness mentioned above. Some fans might desire more commercial music, with a commercial bounce, and a couple exposed milk jugs on the jacket. Terminal Illness doesn’t have either, which the large majority of fans will appreciate, especial those in the underground, listing to artists & groups such as Soulheir the ManChild, Swollen Members, and Virtuoso.

Deejay Essence performs some fantastic work with Terminal Illness. Producing some exceptional quality music for fans world wide to enjoy, Deejay Essence achieves a high point with this album / portfolio of excellent work. Fans should tone in and listen loud.

Track Listing:

The Mist Of Darkness



Ambush The Animated & Dos Noun

Prevail Freestyle

Bishop Freestyle

Black Sun

Ambush The Animated & Dos Noun

Noodles Freestyle


Soulheir The ManChild

J. Sands

JFK, Sleep & Pale

Strict Flow


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