Enter The Black Circle

“Black Talon, Bugsy, Scoot, and Lucky come together to bring us an underground album featuring some good music. This albums biggest critic is that its presented as a demo album, on a burnt compact disc, without the plastic wrap, with a very basic back cover, and sticker on the disc face that is hard to read, with little information. The music on this album is good, resembling gangsta type west coast music. If you have any doubts, just look at some of the song titles, or the artists names, and its clear what this album is about; many different topics, all relating to episodes in a gansta’s life.” The musical content on this album is mostly bright, with colorfully banging beats. The rhymes are somewhat solid, and well delivered with ease, making good hip hop music seam easy to create. The lyrical content, metaphor, and symbolism may not be the best, but its certainly made up for through the deliver of the tracks.

This albums strongest attribute is the way in which the group comes together to connect in the music. The group members come together perfectly to create the music, each complimenting one another’s contribution. A close second, are the banging beats. Most of the beats on this album are fresh, and certainly something you will vibe.

The best track on this album is entitled “Bounce With Us”. Stronger lyrical content, and the best beat on the album make this track a solid favorite. The least appreciated track on the album is entitled “Come Thru Bussin”. Weaker lyrical content, and a dull aura bring this track down, when compared to the rest of the tracks on this album.

Overall, this is a good underground album, with some room for improvement.

Track Listing:

1. Going Crazy

2. Bounce With Us

3. Popping Bottles

4. Brighter Days

5. Big Thangs

6. Rackin the Doe

7. Give It To Em

8. Who Want What

9. Were Them Tittles

10. I Don’t Know Why I Love Her

11. Come Thru Bussin

12. Don’t Be Hating On Me

13. Berrettas

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