Operation Take Over

This album brings a message, and this message is driven by violent metaphor complimented with lyrics that tear your mind apart. A poster album for a “hip hop” anthem directed towards the angry, oppressed youth growing up in these cold streets.

A picture is worth 1,000,000 words, this album is worth 1,000,000 emotions, and 10,000,000 electricity volts. By looking at the album cover, un-packaged, with a computer printed cover, on a burnt disc, you get the idea that this album is another “basement demo”, and maybe it is; however, the music on this album competes hard with any banging beat, or tight vocals you hear from artists such as DMX, Mobb Deep, and such commercial artists, without the commercialism.

The tightest track on this compilation is titled, “Voluntary Manslaughta” and is preformed by underground hero “Mookmean” which is an icon among emcee’s who’ve posted textual verses on the Internet. Bias? Maybe? However, its highly doubted that anyone could possibly be disappointed in picking up this album. Its raw intensity at its best.

Strong performances by Ammo, Paralax, and the rest of the artists featured on this compilation give it a banging status the whole way through. There isn’t one moment where you crave to hit the skip button on your disc player. Definitely an album that’s not watered down. There isn’t one weak track throughout the compilation.

Sector 7 Productions receives much respect for the banging beats they produced for this compilation that compete with anything RZA or Diamond D could lay down. Sector 7 Productions takes your ears on a journey that’s equally ill through the whole 59 minutes and 23 seconds. Banging joint after banging joint, its hard to imagine that this label & these artists wont make a lot of noise in the hip hop industry.

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