Calicoe G Heats Up Phoenix

Calicoe G Heats Up PhoenixCalicoe G was brought into this world in Chicago but yearned for the heat and headed to Phoenix. Now he’s spending his desert days working on his rhymes with friends by his side. “Re’d Up” featuring Knoc-Turn’al and Juicy J is a great song if you’re in the mood for something that’ll make you bounce and has a good beat. Calicoe G is all about sharing the spotlight with friends and not only does he had buddies on the last one, but brings Sage Lee, Flip Gucci and Vidal Jones along for the ride on “No Losses.” Thankfully they name drop their selves when they rap or it’d be easy to get lost in the sea of MCs. Shadow Da Unseen joins our main man of the review for “Mr. International” and once again, it’s good to hear more than one. Sometimes Calicoe G has to step out on his own though and ironically it’s for one you’d think everyone would’ve been invited to, “Partied Up.” He flies solo for the “Long Race” as well. He proves with this couple that he can do it on his own, but we’ve seen it’s more fun to have friends around as talented as you. If you’re into hip hop that has an overall good vibe, check out Calicoe G. (

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