Aude Brings Sass and Class

Aude Brings Sass and ClassAude is a MC who puts forth as style of hip hop that’s got a little Ciara mixed with some Nicki Minaj. “Throw It Up” has a soft lead in and then it gets into it and remains fresh as she keeps things sexy with her delivery. She has a way of pronouncing some words and making them wispy like if you took Marilyn Monroe and made her rap, she’d likely sound like some parts of this track. “Opposites” goes at a slow pace…and it’s easy to hear what she has to say but I would’ve liked a little bit more from the back track. “Lost & Found: The Reality” follows the same step as the last at first but the beat adds more once the song gets into it and the lyrics hear are more ear catching lyrics, including a mention of serial killers. Aude takes chances and has the oomph to back up what she puts out there, so if you’re in the market for more female MCs, check her out. (

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