Fiddy Shot Boyz Club Get Coastal

Fiddy Shot Boyz Club Get CoastalThere’s a distinct difference when it comes to rap from the south, the east, the west and even the north. So when I first listened to Fiddy Shot Boyz Club, I would’ve never guessed they weren’t from California. “Ruff” has this raw music that is reminiscent of the rap coming out of the early 90’s. The rhymes are full of a furious passion that comes out clear and clean. Fiddy Shot Boyz Club says he’s a “thug in the club” while remaining true blue to hip hop and not putting a party vibe to the song. He’s not about making that Top 40 mainstream song, but about keeping things real. In “1st State” you could compare the vocals to a young Ice Cube. He shouts out Silverlake and hails from Englewood, New Jersey, but all this could be confused for the west coast. This is especially because the style again, sounds like the rap to rein supreme in the early days of gangster rap. If you like west coast sounding rap, but are on the east coast…Check out Fiddy Shot Boyz Club. (