Brekbread Breaks Honesty

Brekbread Breaks HonestyBrekbred sings about the ladies and the streets of Richmond, Virginia in his hip hop rhymes. “Never Said It Was Perfect” is about a man who is love with a woman and is doing the best that he can because while things aren’t always perfect, at least he’s trying, right? Another love song is “The Way That I Love You.” Then you get this great flip with “You Kidding Me.” It’s much more attittude driven and let’s a new side of Brekbred shine bright and shows you a different perspective of him. When I was younger we had one streetlight on our street and when it came on we had to go inside for the day. That’s what I thought of when I listened to “Streetlights.” Except in this version when the streetlights came on, it wasn’t innocent kids weren’t to head home, it was more about why we had to head inside. A lot of crazy stuff went on amongst the adults. Brekbred’s “Sorry I Lied” is an apology to his girl he cheated on and kind of takes away from the romance heard at the beginning, at least he’s not fronting, right? If you like music that’s got heart, truth and street cred, check out Brekbread. (

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