TNTDGmoneyteam Collective Greatness

TNTDGmoneyteam Collective GreatnessTNTDGmoneyteam is a group of MCs who know how to put together memorable tracks. “My Life” is a statement we’ve all said because when it comes down to it, we have to live the life we want and this is just the anthem we need for that. The team does a fine job with this one; the flow is fresh and intriguing. “Miss Model” comes from the Super Mario production but isn’t a game. This one is more pumped than the last one and has more energy. You have to listen to any song with the word twerk in it. That’s some kind of rule of the past year thanks to Miley Cyrus and TNTDGmoneyteam’s “Twerk It” is no different. It’ll make you move for sure. “Adios” isn’t a final goodbye but a hot track from TNTDGmoneyteam that just might be the best representation of them. Then there’s “Fucked Up.” It’s really about being physically fucked up and putting it to song. If you’re one of those hip hop fans who like the collective sound of a good ensemble, check out TNTDGmoneyteam. (