DMoney Tells It Like It Is

DMoney Tells It Like It IsDMoney is an MC who lays it out straight. “RIP” is for the dead homies. While most would do a slow, sentimental song DMoney has chosen to do it his way — go out and celebrate the life of his friend with a lively rap. For the living, life either continues to get better or as DMoney says, “It’s Gettin’ Harder.” This is a testament to surviving your surroundings and overcoming all life can toss your way. After those deep ones you get “Ratchet Bitch.” This one has no message, and is just about a girl who’s acting up. It uses the term that seems to have taken over in the past year right after “twerk” and word of 2013, “selfie.” Things are still in the middle with “Fast Life.” It’s a song that has a good beat and is catchy, but has this bigger meaning to it. DMoney is an artist who can take the seriousness of life and put it to song, but he also has his moments where he has to be blunt and tell someone like it is. If you like real hip hop that’s true, check our DMoney. (

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