Success Is Destined for Success

success reviewSuccess is rightfully named. “Driving Mr Daisy” instantly reminded me of something you’d hear on a current Kanye West record. It had that robotic delivery yet was still cool and calm. You get a real sense of what Success can do with tracks like “Virgin Mary Pt 1,” “Empire Fall,” and “Mission Impossible.” One of the best from the bunch though has to be the storytelling that comes with “Virginia Girls.” Another great one that is bound to be a crowd favorite is the twist on a fairy tale classic, “Glass Slippers.” It might have the simplest name, but “On” is right on the money. There is something about the hook that well, hooks you. All in all what Success has going on will take him far. The rhymes are clean, the songs are crystal clear and it’s an array of vibes going on. So check Success out today, not tomorrow…today. (

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