the Dream Chaser Runs It

the Dream Chaser reviewthe Dream Chaser is a hip hop artist who does things his way. “The future is now” has a good beat and gets to the point by putting the hook on repeat. The energy of “Can’t be done” really sets the tone and is a hype starter, that’s for sure. I got kind of this Nate Dogg feel when it came to “Do that” just because it had this deeper tone at times. The piano of “Wastin Time” really captures your attention and then layering that on top of a hip hop beat; fresh. He kind of does the same with “Come with your flows,” and that too is impressive. It makes the Dream Chaser’s tracks really stick out. Things get heavy with “The Time Has Come.” That heavy act comes across in “3 out of 4,” but also translates to confidence on this one. the Dream Chaser is an artist who’s not only not scared to chase his dreams, but also not afraid to try new things musically. Check him out for yourself and be a fan. (

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