John Blake’s Positive Spin

John Blake puts an optimistic spin on hip hop. “Be Me” featuring Kristin Nicole and Kiarrah Guerra is a really positive track that has a great trio of vocals on it. It’s definitely a spirit lifter. The Leerix helps out on “Pour It” and this one takes a different path to your brain. It’s not like the last; it’s more traditional club hip hop. Then we’re back to the wholesome sounds with “Your Light (Let It Shine)” featuring Elisa Polanco. This one, like “Be Me,” is sends out a powerful message – don’t give up on your life. That light keeps shining on with John Blake and Michael Pashalian’s “Two Steps.” It seems like for the most part John Blake is an artist who took his love of hip hop and added a great twist to it. It’s not uncommon to hear these positive life lessons in this genre, but it’s always refreshing to. If you like your rap with a dose of happiness, check out John Blake now. (

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