Stu Dent – Altered State

Stu Dent - Altered State

Stu Dent is much more than a student, having mastered the art of microphone dynamics. Through exceptional flow, metaphor, intensity, and real tight conceptual rhymes Stu Dent brings fans into the focal point of classic entertainment that never runs dry. Featuring songs such as Assisted Suicide, which includes a guest appearance by hip hop super talent Soulheir of Mars Ill, Altered State is destine to become a classic fan favorite.

Fans introduced to Altered State quickly realize Stu Dent isn’t a new comer, as his flow is perfectly on point, and his rhymes are lethally conceptual, perfectly pieced together. This leaves fans constantly trying to figure out who this hot lyricist is, and where they’ve heard his voice before. Perhaps nowhere? All that’s clearly evident is that Stu Dent is an incredible lyricist, who’s talent is not easily equaled.

Altered State starts off with an introduction that is well put together, but doesn’t really excite fans. The intro more or less sets a stage that does achieve the effect of drawing a luke warm anticipation. The introduction cuts out in a few sections, and fans are exposed to the first piece of vocal musical value on the album, “Missing Time”. On this smooth, relaxing joint Stu Dent unleashes a penetrating assortment of finely intertwined rhyme lines that dazzle fans in awe. It’s at this point fans take a deep listen.

With special guests like Soulheir of Mars Ill, JB, Dezignator, Macho, Sage, Capture One, Kaboose, The Ordinary Oddball, and Ajax the album has some strong vocal support. The best verses featured on Altered State, contributed by guests, are served up by Soulheir, and Sage. Producers including JB, Cyclone, and Mr Rictor also contributed greatly to the successful production of Altered State. The production team came together perfectly, all complimenting one another well. Fans should especially note JB’s talent, as he produced the large majority of songs on the album ( all but 2 ). Stu Dents vocals ride the beats in harmony and fans are entertained through-out.

The most appreciated tracks featured on Altered State include “We Don’t Want That” ( featuring JB, Soulheir ), “Alone” ( featuring Sage ), and “The Messenger”. Although all of the songs on the album are exceptionally tight, these are the top 3 stand outs.

The least appreciated aspects of this album are its “missing” track listing numbers on the back of the CD jacket that annoys fans who have to count down tracks to reach their song of choice, the intro which fans never really appreciate for artistic expression, and the skits which simply break up the flow of the album. Intro’s and skits rarely contribute positively to an album, and most commonly end up annoying fans on replay.

Stu Dent’s strongest feature is his ability to intertwine conceptual thoughts, and tight rhymes, seemingly with very little effort. Stu Dent is a Christian Hip Hop artist, who’s rhymes are positive, deep, and entertaining. Fans need to tune in, because Stu Dent is the “Messenger” of some incredible Hip Hop music fans do not want to miss out on.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Missing Time

3. We Don’t Want That feat. JB, Soulheir

4. Dead Decay Shun feat. Dezignator

5. Phyzical Mental

6. The Coliseum feat. Macho

7. Assisted Suicide feat. Soulheir

8. Ds5 News (skit)

9. Say Again

10. Alone feat. Sage

11. Fast Lane feat. Capture One

12. M.O.G. (skit)

13. The Messenger

14. A Warrior’s Existence feat. Kaboose

15. Born Invisible

16. Skitzofriendamine feat. The Ordinary Oddball

17. Simply Put feat. Drastic, Capture One

18. Symphonic Precision feat. JB

19. Time’s Process

20. Banger feat. Ajax

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