Jake Lefco – And You Are?

Jake Lefco - And You Are?

Jake Lefco rhymes with harmonious eloquence and unstoppable, intense flow. “And You Are?” is an incredible album featuring fourteen hip hop tracks that will leave jaws dropped in amazement. The hip hop beats are abrasively entertaining and the rhymes strike hard. “And You Are?” is a fun, conceptual album locked down by rhymes that express realness and life subject matter that fans can relate with. This is a hip hop album fans need to recognize. Fans are asking who Jake Lefco is and he’s asking who you are. “And You Are?” does a brilliant job conveying the essence of who Jake Lefco is and Jake Lefco is one amazing artist. From the first song featured on the album fans realize Jake Lefco is for real and he has skills. His rhymes are always on point, his punch lines are witty, his rhymes have substance, his beats hit hard, his flow are everlasting and he is purely entertaining. When Jake Lefco rhymes fans feel the music and do not get the impression he’s reading of the page. Fans get an animated picture of someone with an amazing flow spitting witty lyrics effortlessly on point.

The best tracks featured on the album are “Nasty N Nice”, “Headphones”, and “Let It Ride”. All of the tracks are top quality and exceptional. There is not one lackluster track featured on this release. In most of the tracks Jake Lefco’s creativity shines through like the sun on a clear day. For example, on “Headphones” he spits some fun, creative lyrics regarding relationships & women over a beat that packs a nostalgic feel (groovy 70’s). This is sure to be a fan favorite. The cuts on the tracks are real nice and smooth.

The lyrical content contains references and punch lines that will make fans bust. Jake Lefco does a fantastic job at keeping fans drawn into his music. He has appeal and comes across as a comedian at times, but a comedian with a message.

Through-out the album there are some random cuts at the beginning of songs featuring people chatting about being Jake Lefco. It’s evident these random cuts have been added to the album to contribute to the overall theme of the release; however, they end up drowning out the listening experience, especially on the second or third listen. They act as a hindrance to the music and they definitely break up the flow.

Guest appearances include Reef the Lost Cauze and Scandal. These artists contribute to the album positively. The album artwork is well put together and respect on the Jake Lefco logo goes to the man himself. The photography is nice and the design is very appealing making sure the album is well presented. The production, for the most part, is by Happ G with the odd contribution from Snuff and Greg Smith. Happ G is amazing on the production tip and deserves a massive amount of recognition for his exceptionally tight production. Snuff handles the production tip lovely as well.

Overall this album is one fans need to add to their collection. This might be a release fans did not anticipate becoming one of the best, most impressive albums in their collection, but it surely will be once they get it. This is recommended listening.

Track Listing:

01 And You Are?

02 Be A Man

03 Nasty N Nice

04 Wake Up Call

05 Landslide

06 Get Pleasant

07 Wonder Years

08 Rush Hour

09 Everybody Breathin

10 Classic Material

11 System Down

12 Keep An Eye Out remix

13 Headphone

14 Let It Ride

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