Various Artists / Compilation – All Or Nothing Sound Track

Various Artists / Compilation - All Or Nothing Sound Track

You may have read the review of this album in our ‘external additions’ section of the site. Dove gave you a review that basically explained everything about the background of the CD and who features on it, so this review right here won’t be too long, just my opinion. If you feel I’m not helping at all, go here.

Best way I could describe this album is as a ‘summer album’. The album is a mixture of funky, upbeat, club tracks which’ll get you wishing you could just get up and dance – or “Party On” as Shyan Selah wants you to do on the opening track. And then there’s some slower, more funky grooves like in the track “Goin Craz’za” by The GranDDaDDy. Of course, there are some more serious, deep rooted tracks on the album, which bring a more sombre vibe to the album, such as “Worldly Things” by Iroc, or “Portrait of an Emcee” by Mista Oktober.

The good thing about having a variety of tracks on your album, with a mixture of R&B, hip hop and even funky jazz, is that you are sure to appeal to a heavy amount of listeners. A lot of people will only invest in the albums that they like the artist of, or because they heard it was a ‘phat hip hop album’. Well, this is one of those, but it’s also a good soul album, has tracks you can listen to whilst just chillin at home, or whilst you’re bumpin at a party. I could say that the downside to the album in some places is the heavier tracks. The general flow of the album seems to be this summer vibe, but then there are a couple tracks that completely stand out, and might leave any listener checking their stereo to wonder if they’re still listening to the same album. However, what you must remember is that it is a film soundtrack, and thus will have significance to different scenes in the film, rather than to make a complete and balanced album. Not to say that in the majority of instances the album isn’t balanced though, just a couple of stand out tracks. Lyrically, the album isn’t the deepest album. Some decent emceeing comes out of the album, and it seems BNW Records own Shyan Selah is definetely not one to sleep on. Take ya ass to to get more info on him. My personal favourite track on the album is “Goin Craz’za” by The GranDDaDDy due to its mixture of hip hop, jazz and R&B. A nice track, with a smooth beat, and a funky keyboard sample. Nice bassline too. Other tracks to look out for are ‘Escalades and Navigators’ by Ben Hated, the opening two tracks of the album, and ‘Buried Treasures’ by Mr. Icky and C-BO and Mississippi. All a good mixture of tracks for any listener.

If you’d asked me at the beginning, before I received the CD, what I was expecting from the ‘All or Nothing’ soundtrack, I don’t think I could have guessed the album would be filled with such talented production and so many talented artists pushing what they can out of this compilation. I seriously am impressed though. Brave New World records have definetely found themselves a winner with this soundtrack. If the film is as good as the album, then just tell me when it’s out and where I can go see it.

Track Listing:

1. Party On – Shyan Selah

2. Doin it Live – The Delinquents and Master P

3. Worldly Things – Iroc

4. It ain’t sweet – CoolNutz and Mr. Dogg

5. Escalades and Navigators – Ben Hated

6. Casanova Brown – Trina B

7. Buried Treasures – Mr. Icky and C-BO

8. High Come Down – Twin G

9. Money in the game – Young Draper feat. Eightball

10. ‘Portrait of an Emcee’ – Mista Oktober

11. Going Craz’za – The GranDDaDDy

12. Walking on Water – Black Caesar

13. Low Life – Cheddar

14. If you feel (Shucky Ducky) – TJ feat. Ellen

15. To the Brain – Wojack

16. Callin’ Me – Shyan Selah

Reviewed By Hip Hop Network for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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