J. Greede (The Greede Family) – All About The Music Vol. 1

J. Greede (The Greede Family) - All About The Music Vol. 1

In the darkest moments of the music fans need to believe that there is something out there, super human lyricists that possesses more skills than imaginable, achieving a stellar level of harmony around each component that connects to create perfection. J. Greede is the genius that forges the masterpiece AAll About the Music Vol. 1″, which is the Greede Families light, pedestal, and signature on the brain. A more perfect album couldn’t be forged. Fourteen gems (tracks) comprise the shine, fifty three minutes, and forty eight seconds of euphoria that easily penetrates and appeases the most resistant of fans. The album features talents such as D. One, Lace Payne, Paris Azelle, Evik, Mr. Right & J.B., OVM, Freshton Flav, Mohogany, El A Kwents, and Mic Burna. All of the tracks are produced by J. Greede, co-produced by Steve G., and Mike S. for J. Greede Productions Inc. All of the tracks recorded and mixed by Nelson “DJ Nyce” Corea. All of these album contributors deserve credit for their exceptional contributions as they all add to the overall excellence of the album. The beats are insanely smoking, the lyrics are as hot as it gets, and the production, and sound quality is phenomenal. “All About The Music Vol. 1″ is a compilation album; however, it steers clear of the common compilation pitfalls and avoids sounding “the same” through every track. The music is diverse enough for each song to be unique, with its own flavor & identity, yet the music on the album flows perfectly from song to song. Nothing ever sounds out of place on the entire album.

The album starts off with “It’s Gow’Down” by D. One. The song is an incredible introduction that serves its purpose well. D. One delivers a wide range of skills that easily appease fans, getting them ready for the explosion of talent they are facing consistently in every song. All of the songs featured on the album are equally as good as their neighboring track, the talent or quality of music never dips for a second; however, like any album there are a few songs that do stand out from the rest. “Leave It To Me” by Paris Azelle feat. Evik, “Follow Me” by D. One, and “Be That Girl” by Mohogany feat. D. One are among the albums standout songs, and most notably sure shot singles.

“All About The Music Vol. 1″ lacks low points, and weak spots. Some critics might suggest that the album could be longer, and free from interludes; however, in the complete package everyone is more than satisfied.

Overall “All About The Music Vol. 1″ is an incredible album that needs to be heard by fans world wide. Bottom line there is no disappointment.

Track Listing:

1. It’s Gow’Down – D. One

2. Leave It To Me – Paris Azelle feat. Evik

3. Piece Of Mind – Lace Payne

4. Demons – Mr. Right & J. B.

5. Jaycee Oh Scratch Interlude

6. Rebels Remix – OVM

7. Follow Me – D. One

8. Discharge – Freshton Flav

9. Evik Interlude

10. Be That Girl – Mohogany feat. D. One

11. Corner Standers – Lace Payne

12. Stage Fright – El * A * Kwents

13. In To The Flow – D. One feat. Mic Burna

14. Outro

Bonus Track – Live Ammo Phone Freestyle

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