Eloy is one of hip hop’s best kept secrets. Exceptionally talented, spitting raw rhymes, over some incredibly live beats Eloy dazzles fans with pure talent. Eloy’s advance promo album is destine to spark a wide interest with many fans craving much more from this talented, underground phenomenon.

Released under Czarcastik Entertainment, Eloy delivers his Advance Promo, which features many highlight tracks that are near perfect in sound quality, production, and vocal content. Featuring professionally crafted music, professional cover art, and packing this promo is well put together to raise interest.

The Advance Promo starts off correct, with a blazingly live song entitled “All You…” which contains high impact vocals, and beats that effortlessly frenzy fans. Eloy spits rhymes near perfect, flawlessly captivating both ears with well written, and performed rhymes. The next song, R.I.P. delivers fans another highlight. Eloy spins heads with a slightly upper paced style, & a catchy chorus boasting subject mater all fans can easily relate. The beat is brilliantly bananas, getting the laziest of crowds moving being a definite club vibe favorite. Gangsta Of Rap is another high impact song, featuring some brilliant cuts, as well as another highlight beat, and equally appeasing rhymes. Las Muchachaz is strictly for the Spanish fans, as Eloy dazzles with rhymes performed in Spanish. Eloy is equally as talented delivering Spanish rhymes, as fans get shook with an incredibly live track. I Wanna Die is another highlight track, with a beat that has fans swinging on the hooks.

The Advance Promo by Eloy is completely filled with exceptional beats, and rhymes. All of the songs featured are high quality, and sure shot fan pleasers. Eloy’s explosively raw lyrics captivate fans with ease. One of Detroit’s finest, Eloy is a talented artists the world should keep both ears glued.

Track Listing:

1. All You…

2. R.I.P.

3. Gangsta Of Rap

4. Las Muchachaz

5. I Wanna Die

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