Abstract Nature – Abstract Nature

“Abstract Nature is one of those groups most fans may not have yet heard; however, Abstract Nature is one of those groups that most fans will hear if the group continues to refine their skills. Vocally the songs on their self titled album are outstanding in quality, beat wise they deliver some of the time, and in regards to overall production ( sound quality ), they fall short. Fans should pay close attention to Abstract Nature because they do show much potential to flourish along with the progression of time.”

The best cut on their self titled album is the opener, “It’s All Told”, which is one of the best openers an album could feature. This track grabs fans attention and doesn’t let it go until the song is completely finished. Great vocal performances, and a great beat. The next impressive track sparks at number 2, “Doin’Our Thang”. This is a well put together track, featuring a smooth beat, but its repetitive nature slowly tunes fans out. Other notable tracks include “People Talk Shit”.

This album is not virus free, being plagued by its unstable quality, and its misleading cover clearly showing 9 tracks, and the disc only featuring 6, 24 minutes worth of material.

Overall, Abstract Nature has room to grow, but they definitely show potential, and fans can expect more from them in the future if they stay tuned.

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