Compilation (Various Artists) – Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Volume 1: Refreshing Underground Flavor

Compilation (Various Artists) - Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Volume 1: Refreshing Underground Flavor

“Aberfoyle Springs Compilation is a project we put together to connect talented hip hop artists with a greater number of fans world wide who crave refreshing underground flavor. DaHipHopPlace.Com put this compilation together, so this review is based on the thoughts of various other reputable sources, & pure facts. Definitely tune in for 80 minutes, 22 tracks, no filler material. Includes hot music from Braille, Celph Titled, Apathy, Mars Ill, Sev Statik, Anonymous Twist, Classified, Storm The Unpredictable, Mcenroe, Rok One, Red Cloud, Mr Tru, Man Of War, Gibraan, DutchMassive, Walkmen, The Committee, Kanser of Interlock, Rugged T’Reign, Toolshed, Vandal, Coleon, Angle, Logic, Tachichi and Gordski ( of The Goods ), Dirt, Tack Fu, DJ Earl-E, and more….. ”

Review Highlights:

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Please take into consideration when reading this review that DaHipHopPlace.Com put together this release.

“The neck snapping beat on “Ridiculous Junk” ushers in the entrance of Red Cloud, Braille, Mr Tru, Man Of War, and Gibraan for a frenzied posse cut. This is straight up illness – each emcee blazes the mic, and the beat is just bananas. Special props to Gibraan who comes through with an early contender for verse of the year.

“Urban Camper” by Vandal caught my attention due to the “Rakim-ness” of the emcee. The beat is a simple but effective composition that serves only to highlight the skills of Vandal on the mic, and I was definitely feeling the cuts on the chorus. Elsewhere, Coleon’s “Squanderin'” with its cinematic feel, and the lively closing instrumental cut “Relaxed” by DJ Earl-E and Tack-Fu also had me reaching for the back button to check ’em out again.

Standout cut on the whole compilation? That award goes to Storm The Unpredictable’s “Darker The Berry”. I don’t even need to say any more, the words speak for themselves…

Go and pick this up.”” – AltRap.Com

“Whew… I’m exhausted. Good underground hip-hop does that to me. 80 minutes of the best shit you’ve never heard.” – AddReviews.Com

“80 minutes, 22 tracks, no filler -unreal!” – Audionet.CC

“AberFoyle Springs is just what the cover says, “Refreshing Underground Flavor.””

“Swindle Entertainment’s Rok 1 opens the album up with fresh, hard-hitting battle lyrics over a beat made by none other than DJ Swindle on Clear The Building. Dutchmassive, Celph Titled, and Walkmen tear up shop on Fallout which sports Illmatic style production by the Rubix Cuban himself, and each MC slam ill lyrics down. The track is truly enjoyable.”

“don’t get the impression that any of the songs are second-rate, because you won’t find any filler tracks. Check out and find out how to get your hands on this. It’s worth the low price.”

– Stylus – RhymeLife.Com

“The compilation features 80 minutes of raw underground hip hop music with more than 30 artists dropping it like it’s hot.”

“features Mars Ill, a talented group that is considered one of the leading Christian hip-hop groups; and Celph Titled, and Apathy, who are two high profile super-stars who deliver nothing less than incredible punch lines.”

“hip-hop fans will not be disappointed with Aberfoyle Springs”

– Larissa Theodore, Buzzemporium.Com

“Vandal wins my award for “best concept” as the Urban Camper”

“Past Out by Classified really got my head nodding”

“This compilation is everything you expect from a hip hop disc and more. There is 80 minutes of music, with no filler material. I’m talking no stupid skits, no MC’s phoning a rhyme in, and no beat loops that get you sick of the beat before the song even starts”

“What I think AberFoyle Springs does best is demonstrate the power Hip Hop can have unified. Artists are weighing in from New York to Iowa to Canada”

“In this world of hip hop buffets where the quality isn’t so good, it’s nice to have the “refreshing underground flavor” of AberFoyle Springs”

– Tom Bombadil, HipHopCongress.Com

“excellent quality – head-nodding beats, creative lyrics and original concepts. The kind of underground Hip-Hop that is hard to find in this era of bling-blingism and iced-out rap music” Fan

“The Aberfoyle Comp is straight! several nice joints” Fan

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