SoHusky ReviewSoHusky’s “LoneWolf” takes the idea of being alone and gives it a hip hop twist. The title track has a slow build up and when it starts, you’re not sure what you’re in for. What you get it a chilled stack of rhymes. That relaxed vibe continues on with “Loner.” It’s clear that there’s a running theme with this emcee – he’s not one for company. “No Love” questions society while “Hooked” is titled very well as you won’t be able to get it out of your head for a long time after thanks to the well, hook. This whole time you get the sense that SoHusky doesn’t play well with others, but alas he has a guest on the album. OnlySin hops on to do his thing on “Break the Law.” Rounding out this relaxed record is the very real “Why” and “Myself,” which is fitting and caps off things nicely. If you’re a fan of hip hop that isn’t all about that crunk mentality, but more so reality – then check out SoHusky’s “LoneWolf,” out now. (

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