The Fresh Face of Young Rizz

Young Rizz ReviewNot even old enough to buy a beer, Young Rizz is doing big things in the MN. “Who Want It” starts off very dramatic. It’s as if a fight is about to begin. The build up softens as he gets into the song, but the delivery still has a sense of intimidation. Moving on to “Bloomin’” has that same feel as the last in the intro but I think gets more run of the mill once the lyrics are laid out. His girl Angel helps him out on “Greater Later” and gives this track a R&B flare. We get back to the tricked out hip hop with “Blindfolded” and continue on that path as we head into “Not Gon’ Stop Us.” One of the best of the batch is “Strive.” It doesn’t do anything like the rest. It doesn’t have that intimidating feel, nor does it have anyone on it. It’s just Young Rizz doing what he does best. It seems the most personal too. It’s always nice to be able to get a real feel for the emcee. If you like artists like Wiz Khalifa and Tyga, check out Young Rizz. (

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