Ready or Not, Here Comes Erie Ave

Out in Maryland Erie Ave does his thing and is ready for the prime time action. “Blessing” doesn’t do a lot to really capture you, but that’s not the case with “10 Bands.” This one hits you like a train right off the bat and continues that momentum throughout. That calms down a bit with the quick “Ready or Not.” It’s a short track that leaves you wanting more. Then in walks “Hustle” and there is the “more” you wanted. It has a swag to it that makes it a party starter. Things smooth out with the chilled ways of “Alright” and keep on with the vibe as “Prime Time” takes charge. With each track, you can hear a steady rise for Erie Ave. He’s got a style that fans of artists like Faboulous would appreciate. If you’re a fan of hip hop that’s been chilled like wine, check out Erie Ave. (

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