Moosh Millionz – I’m Jus Sayin

Moosh Millionz – I’m Jus Sayin


Score: 5/5 Stars

How would I describe Moosh Millionz’s music? Moosh re-defines Soul, Dance Pop, Rap with touches of modern avant garde Hip/Hop. Moosh Millionz offers a fresh new sound capturing a unique menagerie of all the aforementioned styles with the intent of restoring roots into the modern day music scene. Who doesn’t like smooth a silk Hip/Hop Rap Soul combination. I’d bet all the hands go up in the air right away. I mean, while some might not be able to appreciate this intoxicating style of music your first choice, most people can’t deny getting into many top shelf urban-esque songs of the past and admit to really enjoying well written and performed music within all the above genres. Well, keeping all this in mind the latest release by Moosh Millionz “I’m Jus Sayin” latest 16 Track release is to say the least an exceptional catalog of music that is very entertaining and soothing to the mind, body and soul. But it goes even further because I can also hear Rap, Chill/Dub and Urban Dance Pop and enough vocal soul to go around. Let me go on record by saying People – this dude can sing! Just listen to marquee tracks like “A Lil Bit Mo” and my favorite song Girlfriend and you will see my perspective. I got hooked on Moosh Millionz after the first few songs – So Hood, A Lil’ Bit Mo and Girl Friend.

Intelligent lyrics and catchy grooves and an amazing vocal delivery are the heart of his formula. The more I listen the more that is revealed. Moosh Millionz brings danceable tunes, easy going but at times “heartfelt” balladry, and an element of masterful Soul Hip Hop together sure to provoke a positive reaction from every listener and attendee. Moosh’s got a good look too. What’s more the production work and sampling touches deliver in spades – syncopated musical synergy. Kudos goes out to the amazing vocals, lyrics and musical flow via hand crafted harmonies by Moosh. He adds a rich tonal verity to the catalog in fact it’s the strong point of the CD they way he comes across vocally. I call this Soul Hip Hop Mood Music, with some Melodic Rap thrown in by an arsenal of impressive collaborators. Music is  somewhat unpredictable but always passionate. Since we’re on the subject it lends sort of an electro-soul rap style begging comparisons to Keith Sweat, Montell Jordan, Mark Morrison, Sisqo, Donnell Jones, Slick Rick, Keith Sweat and R. Kelly. Despite this the Moosh Millionz sound is challenging to categorize because he sounds like himself, he writes like himself. I could be wrong but the main focus of this CD could be a battle of good vs evil within his mind – in the end trying to capture the essence of true happiness. Moosh Millionz also manage to move between the mellower sounds and the more rocking ones all the while being undeniably Soul based – almost like a modem day Marvin Gaye.

Top Tracks: Lil Bit Mo, She’s Gone, Love U But, Doin’ Fine, I’m Jus Sayin’, Because of You.

Criticism: The CD itself is not made of High Quality Silk Screen Material as you would expect. I can’t read the credits within the 1 panel Interleave insert – too blurry and grainy. To go with this last comment I can’t read the words on the flipside of the CD – way too small and grainy. Some of the aforementioned is not typical of high end pro caliber artists. CD manufacturing is a bit lacking, and renders a lackluster first impression on the artist. All songs over 5 minutes tend to drag you to the finish line. Track 5, 7 and 11 feels like an incomplete statements to me.

All in all “I’m Jus Sayin” by Moosh Millionz is powerful combination that puts Moosh Millionz on the map for 2015. CD was released in 2014. He should go a long way towards proving that melodic and Passionate Hip Hop Rap Soul is still alive and well – and more modern sounding than ever. Moosh Millionz “I’m Jus Sayin” is a must have for just about any music fan. Get ready – it’s a passionate and intoxicating ride that doesn’t try too hard to win you over. That’s why it’s so incredible.

Check out he official Lil’ Bit Mo’ video

by Krystal Johnson

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