Slim: “MNM: Money x Motives”

slim-reviewSlim’s “MNM: Money x Motives” is a record all about chilling with those herbal refreshments set to superb beats. In case you were wondering, Slim is “Official.” It’s a very radio ready track that’d do well thanks to the lyrics that come through crystal and sets the tone for the rest of the record. This is a guy who thinks highly of what he can do, and it’s that confidence that’ll play a part in getting him to where he wants to be. “Smoke My Trees” has an unexpected start, especially after you come out of a hype track like “Official.” I guess if you’re going to have a smoke session, you’d want this more laid back song as your soundtrack. When you come to “Chillin'” you get another chill track – which is obvious by the title. One thing is for sure with Slim and “MNM: Money x Motives,” it’s a well produced piece of work and if you appreciate attention to detail in your hip hop, check him and the record out. (

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