Mitch: #TYFN Thank You for Nothing

mitch-thank-you-for-nothing-reviewMitch’s “#TYFN Thank You for Nothing” has a lot of great elements to it and is worth your time. “The Power” has its ups and down; it’s like a flickering light that way. “Stone Heart” has an intro that keeps you in anticipation until Mitch comes in and brings it. Then you get to “They Talkin'” and it goes slow, but it’s effective in getting its message across that people run their mouth. The title track, “TYFN” is definitely one of the best on the whole record. It’s got this huge opening, so much so it sounds like a theatrical hip hop performance. The music alone makes this track pop. If you’re looking for different, then you should tune into “Gone Wrong.” This one has a great twist to its plot. When it comes to chilled hip hop, look no further than Mitch and his album “#TYFN Thank You for Nothing.” (

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