Tae Bleezie Reps the Bronx

tae-bleezie-reviewTae Bleezie is an emcee from New York who comes hard and does his thing right. If you’re a proud 420 supporter, than we have some new songs to add to your holiday mixtape, “Sour In The Blunt” and “Bag of Weed.” The hook is really what makes this one a go-to for a smoke out. It’s kind of scary and makes you never want to go to New York, but at the same time that fear it evokes kind of goes hand in hand with the brash way New Yorkers are known for. With that said, “We From The Bronx” is pretty fitting. Tae touches on reality with “Hard To Get Used Too” as he recollects on how his new found fame is affecting him. For those who need a mental pick me up, a push towards their dream should listen to “Keep Writing.” It’s a positive outlook on going for your goals, no matter what. Tae Bleezie has fun with his weed anthems, but there’s actually a lot of heart to his music – so check him out! (https://soundcloud.com/tae-bleezie)

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