jcity-reviewWhen you think of Wisconsin, you don’t really think of hip hop. That was of course until you came across JCity. “She Don’t Know” featuring Dooda has this great ting to the beat that adds a lightness to the delivery that comes through strong. So they don’t know and now “They Don’t Really Like Us.” It’s a more upbeat track, which was unexpected if you went by the title alone. JCity brings his a-game with this one and keeps the train moving on time the whole way through. OE helps out on “Til I’m Rich.” Those two together created a track that’s got this nice slow start and an overall hip hop vibe that intertwines with the softer ways of R&B ways; based on the music. As for the lyrics, they come fast and hard. If you like music that’s on point, check out JCity. (https://www.jango.com/music/Jcity?l=0)

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