blak-goose-reviewThe west coast would like you to meet Blak Goose. He calls the streets of Los Angeles home and brings a Bone Thugs feel to the table for fans to feast one. “This Ain’t Love” has a flow that ceases to stop. This MJNichols produced track is a hard one to top, but others try. Like the New Orleans sounding “Drive,” the rapid “She Just Watiing'” and hype “Paul Pierce.” There’s a lot to choose from when you check out Blak Goose. He offers up a variety of songs, like the swaglicious ways of “Ice Up Son.” With “Just Another Day’ you get an Outkast type song thanks to the fast track pace. If you can manage to sing along, you might want to think of making rap your career.  If you like west coast hip hop, check out Blak Goose today. Not tomorrow, but today. (

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