Racetocash Asks and Dreams

Racetocash-reviewRacetocash hails from Illinois and is ready to take control of the hip hop game. We’ve all asked this question Racetocash asks, “What If.” The other possible outcomes can’t escape our minds and this emcee puts those thoughts to song. After some shots, “Possibly” kicks things into gear. This one plays like an expected hip hop track – rhymes on top of rhymes. Club goers who like to shake it, “Rising” is for you. Not at first though, but after that the beat more so than the lyrics offer up a case to move to. Like Martin Luther King Jr., Racetocash has a dream and showcases it in “I Have a Dream.” It starts with MLK’s most famous speech and then it gets remixed into a hip hop flow. If you’re into DJ Khaled and Schoolboy Q, then check out Racetocash this second. (https://www.jango.com/music/Racetocash?l=0)

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