Supernatureal Blends the Street and Reality

Supernatureal-reviewSupernatureal is an emcee who showcases the hood style but has something real to say. “Wisdom Is A Her” is a song that all women would love to hear because hello, they are always right. It sounds like a mix between the street and the mature sounds of Common. Speaking of the streets, Supernatureal debates them and a Sunday ritual in “Sunday School vs. the Streets.” It’s really about the mentality of a kid who saw both worlds and the mindset it gave him. That one has a very fast pace, and that continues on with a great beat in “Life Now.” When you have life, you have the obstacles and the “Curve Balls” and Supernatureal goes through them all – although there were a lot of nods to Christmas and guns. Not two things you often hear together. If you’re into rapid fire street style music that has a conscious, check out Supernatureal now. (

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