Backblock Lo Does It like a Pro

backblock-lo-reviewBackblock Lo is a new hip hop artist who had the goods to shine in the hood. “Gotta Get It” featuring Bangum, Elo and Dot is hype and gangster all at the same time. It’s about getting what? Paper of course, and if they’re concerned…they’re going to make sure they get it. No need for saying sorry with “Unapologetic.” While he was good with his pals, he’s great on his own with this one. You can hear his skills coming through like crystal. With his “Freestyle” it’s a little all over the place, but the “Trapgang intro” brings it all together. That goes for “U an I” as well. It’s like a young Nas due to the realness and the way he spits it out. If you’re into emcees who take it nice and slow and do it right, check out Backblock Lo. (

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