Killa Kam Prove Two is Better Than One

killa-kam-reviewKilla Kam is a young from Cincinnati who wants to make sure to put her stamp on the hip hop realm. Killa Kam gives her two cents on No Comments’ “Letters to Home” and “Im Dope” but does her best when she sets out on their own with “Spiritual War.” In which you’ll hear the heart of the artists in the slow pace delivery. That can also be heard in “Nothin’ To Lose.” It has a very soft start and the young emcees can be heard dishing about what they’re all about. Killa Kam picks it up a pinch with “Grew Up Fast,” but it still has this cool swag demeanor. All in all Killa Kam is a fresh artist in the hip hop scene that has a ways to go, but it won’t be long before she’s there. If you’re one for knowing about the latest before they make it big, check out Killa Kam now. (

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