eva-green-reviewEva Green brings that west coast flavor to the table. “For the Kids” is hip hop’s version of of that Whitney classic where she declared “children are the future.” Then we get into “If He Only Knew” and things take a grown up turn. That theme continues on with “I Stay Faded” and doesn’t let up as we move fast with “Body Rockin” and groove with “This Is It.” Egos are riding high with the celebratory “Poppin Bottles.” This one sounds like a song you’d hear on a Ludacris album; from the way the lyrics drop in and out to the music. We started with the kids but we’re ending with the adults with “Drop It Down Low” and “Got My Weed.” Both are required listening for a good time. If you like hip hop that’s prime examples of the west coast charm, check out Eva Green. (https://soundcloud.com/eva-green-ent)

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